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Strauss Leather - designer ostrich leather handbags made in South AfricaStrauß Leather’s (Strauss Leather) exotic leather handbag range is manufactured at Cape Cobra Leathercraft. Cape Cobra Leathercraft is based in Cape Town and is renowned worldwide as a major name in the design and manufacture of luxury leather goods.

Ivanette Britz, the designer of Strauß Leather handbags, has a passion for designing the one thing that most women consider the ultimate in fashion; impeccably crafted leather handbags. She practices her artistry at Cape Cobra Leathercraft’s design and manufacturing facility in Cape Town.

Ziggybay, Strauß Leather and Cape Cobra Leathercraft share a vision: to establish Strauß Leather as the exotic leather handbag manufacturer of choice, and to position South Africa at the forefront of international exotic leathercraft and fashion.


Strauß LEATHER has a vision to bring South African ostrich leather to its full potential so it can be celebrated amongst the world’s finest exotics. Through innovative design and meticulous pattern-making, the Strauß brand creates Ostrich Leather accessories that reflect quality, elegance and practicality.

Strauß LEATHER directly challenges the status quo of ostrich leather goods on the SA market, through unique design and local handcraft. The focus is on the celebration of the ostrich leather in its most natural state and to bring the deserved justice to its beauty through the accentuation of the beautiful contrasts that the skin has to offer in handbags and small leather goods.

“I want South Africa to become recognized globally for their capacity to design and produce world class quality exotic leather pieces, and increase its recognition as a source market, and not solely an end market. Strauß LEATHER gives South Africa the potential to achieve this along with only a few select others on the SA market, and furthermore seeks to educate the consumer on the contribution that they are making towards the industry that supports one of South Africa’s greatest natural resources.”

Ivanette Britz, Creative Drive behind Strauß LEATHER.

Ivanette Britz

A graduate from Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design, Ivanette Britz has a passion for designing impeccably crafted leather handbags. This twenty-something, South African-based designer practices her artistry at Cape Cobra Leathercraft and designs and manufactures arm-candy for the rich and famous world over.


Ivanette Britz's designs embody the heritage of the San, symbolizing a divine messenger, conscious of its surroundings, eternally creative and serene.

Strauß LEATHER is a handbag and small leather goods range that celebrates the use of the full Ostrich skin, using local design and manufacturing, to provide the confident, classy, quality-driven female with a price-accessible South African luxury exotic leather product.

Strauss Leather designer handbags made in South AfricaRoots

The Brand rests on a humble spirit, inspired by nature and driven to celebrate beauty and elegance. It promises to stay true to the natural medium and reflect the true beauty and softness of Ostrich Leather, using half quill to evoke the natural contrast in the state of the material. The praying mantise's mystical allure is rich in the mythology of South Africa and is the symbolism used to reflect the values and promises of Strauß LEATHER.

Cagn (the mantis)

Cagn (also known Kaang) is the Supreme God of the San people of Southern Africa. He is the first being and the creator of the world. He is a trickster god who can shape-shift, most often into the praying mantis but also takes the form of a bull eland, a louse, a snake, and a caterpillar. In some variants of the Khoisan creation story, Cagn receives so much opposition in the world that he moves his abode from the earth to the top of the sky. Cagn is said to have created the moon which holds special significance to the San people; the phase of the moon dictated when rainmaking rituals were to be performed.

The Flying High Collection

The home of the ostrich is the biggest inspiration to the Flying High collection.

Like the landscape of the Klein Karoo the construction of each style is complex whilst keeping the design simplistic and practical, thus creating a tranquil balance.

Each handbag is designed to stay true to the natural feel of ostrich leather while putting emphasis on the rare contrast that ostrich leather has to offer.

The range is called flying high and each bag is named after little birds of the Klein Karoo area in celebration of the launch of the Strauß LEATHER brand.

"The beautiful and complex bottom gusset design and construction makes the Batis, Cisticola and BouBou handbag design unique."

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